How to Use Zeolite for Adsorbent CO2

By Vincent Madrone, eHow Contributor CO2 is potentially toxic.

Zeolites are micro crystalline structures made from silicon, aluminum and oxygen that are highly porous and are able to absorb moisture. For this reason, zeolites are often used to help food stay fresh. Zeolites are commonly added to packed foods in small breathable packets that soak up any moisture that may be present or may accumulate in the product. This keeps the product fresh and dry and helps to prevent damage and degeneration from moisture. Zeolites are also able to absorb gaseous compounds like carbon dioxide (CO2), and can be used to remove or prevent CO2 contamination.


  1. Order zeolites from a supplier. Online vendors sell zeolites in different sizes of granulation, from 200 mesh (smallest) to minus 6 mesh (largest). The size of the granulation is up to you and how you are going to use the zeolites to capture CO2. For adsorption, the smaller sized granules are best but are harder to track. 
  2.  Place zeolites in the product or area that you want to clear of CO2 contamination. If you are using the zeolites to remove CO2 from the air, as in a garage or other closed space, hang the crystals from the roof in the middle of the room. Keep them in a highly breathable container. If clearing soil or other ground space, place the zeolites directly on top of the contaminated area so they can soak up the CO2
  3. Change out the zeolites as soon as they become soiled. The zeolites have a set adsorption capacity that cannot be exceeded. Adsorption is the binding of molecules to a particular surface. If the crystals or its packaging become browned or dirty looking, exchange with fresh crystals or a fresh pack. In areas of high CO2 contamination, change zeolites every 24 hours to maximize their effectiveness. 
  4. Use zeolites in packaging. To use zeolites to keep food or other organic products fresh, add a small sealed packet of zeolites to the product before packaging it. CO2 gases often cause packages to expand; the zeolite will adsorb the CO2 and prevent this from happening. 
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